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Who lives in the Great White North?


I’m sorry…who lives in the Great White North? Wichita, Kansas is shut down for the third day in less than a week because of…



Wheat field in Derby, Kansas February 25, 2013


Yard in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia February 25, 2013

I told you it snows in Kansas. And when it snows it pours I guess. My children have had two snow days this year and so far Heidi’s children have had three! Who would have thought the Kansans would beat out the Nova Scotians in that category!

Wichita received about 14 inches of snow on February 20 and 21 and was just dumped on with another 7-10 inches (17.7 – 25.4cm) yesterday and today – this time in blizzard conditions. After being hit in the face with yesterday’s falling snow, Heidi described it as “sloshy”. This will be the first official entry in the Heidictionary.


Sloshy snow falling in Derby, Kansas February 25, 2013

That’s not to say that we here in Cole Harbour have not gotten our fair share of snow this winter. On February 9 and 10th we got blasted with 45 cm (17.7 inches) of it. My brother, who flew in from Korea with his wife to surprise my mom for her 60th birthday party, got stuck in Chicago for 3 days and never made it to Cole Harbour until February 11. As a double whammy to me, this snow fell on the weekend. Had it been during the week I would have had at least one snow day off of work! Instead I spent my time off shoveling and shoveling and shoveling.


After shoveling on February 9, 2013 I measured the snow bank at approximately 7 Pepsi Max cans high

Despite the horrible driving conditions and the endless hours of shoveling, snow is not all bad – our children love it!





I am a Canadian in love with an American and the proud mother of three daughters. I hope to be able to achieve my goal of making a career from writing at home before the end of 2013. I better get to work!

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