“What’s An Ellen?”

“What’s An Ellen?”


Kids say the darndest things.

When discussing the illustrated poem we wanted to create for you, your name obviously came up several times. “Send this to Ellen.” “Launch Me Ellen.” “Ellen will love your drawings.”

My youngest daughter, Sarah, 6, was all for contributing her illustrations to the cause and was very active in the discussion of the final product. However, before she 100% committed to anything there was something she needed cleared up, so she asked very matter-of-factly, “What’s an Ellen?”

This is not something I would have thought to explain to her. She knows who you are. When she was a preschooler, and the only one still at home, she and I danced in the living room with you everyday. Nowadays she loves watching video clips on your website. One of her favourites is the little boy singing along to Bruno Mars.

I guess she simply couldn’t imagine that we would be sending a poem that her mommy wrote and that she and her sisters illustrated, to the Ellen that we watch on tv.

Her always helpful sister Beth, 8, did not miss a beat to clarify things. Here is Beth’s answer to “What’s an Ellen?”

“Ellen has short, yellow hair.”

“She always wears those tuxedo things.”

“I am pretty sure she wears mascara because her eyes are always very black.”

“She talks to people on tv.”

“She is very funny and makes people laugh.”

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