The Year of 39 – Days 365, 364, 363 and 362

The Year of 39 – Days 365, 364, 363 and 362

The Year of 39

Many people have told me that the year they were 39 was one of the best years of their lives. When I asked why, I was told it was because they had only one year before they turned 40. The big 4-0. This fact caused them to pause and reflect on where they were in their lives. If they were not happy with where they were, they did something about it. For these people the year of 39 was like a big kick in the butt that forced them to fix what they didn’t like while simultaneously enjoying every minute of what they did like. How can you not enjoy a year like that? There’s something euphoric in the power of change.

For others, reflection resulted in a great sense of pride with what they have accomplished so far, leaving the year of 39 as a year to simply relish life.

Having just turned 39, I felt compelled to see if I too would find the year of 39 as memorable a year as others have before me. So I decided to document, to the best of my ability, my year of 39 – an online countdown of the final year of my 30s. Will the year of 39 be a changing year of my life? How happy am I with my current life? Where will my life be in 365 days when I turn 40?

The ideal documentation would be to have an online blog entry for every single day of the countdown but I am cutting myself some slack and allowing for multiple days’ entries in one blog post. And so today we will explore days 365, 364, 363 and 362 in my year of 39.

DAY 365 – Thursday, November 14

My birthday. I officially turned 39 at 9:55am and weigh much more today than the 6lbs 10oz I boasted when I entered this world. I quite enjoyed reminding Heidi that day (and still 5 days later) that I am finally the same age as she was when I met her. Unfortunately we were not able to be together for my birthday but she did give me a great t-shirt for my birthday when she was visiting in October. It is a Toronto Maple Leafs’ fan t-shirt (Go Leafs Go!) that says “Just One Before I Die”, referring to my desire, and that of other dedicated Leafs fans, for them to win the Stanley Cup. By the time Stanley Cup fever arises, it will have been 47 years since their last Stanley Cup win.

Although I had to work on my birthday, it was a great day overall. My co-workers decorated my cubicle, friends and family wished my happy birthday all day long, I was serenaded with a very special rendition of Happy birthday by my three wonderful daughters and I had a special birthday dinner with just my mom and dad. My mom smartly pointed out that it was just like the day I was born – just me, my mom and my dad. It should be noted that I was born on a Thursday. My mom made me her absolutely best ever in the world cheesecake and Google even wished me a happy birthday. I spent the evening in parent-teacher meetings, hearing wonderful things about my wonderful daughters.

Google wished me a Happy Birthday!

Google wished me a Happy Birthday!

My birthday cheesecake

My birthday cheesecake

DAY 364 – Friday, November 15

I have to admit there was a total lack of enthusiasm for my second day of being 39. I am pretty sure that this day of my life could not have moved any slower. By 11:30am at work, it felt like it was departure time. By the time the end of the work day arrived, it felt like it was 6:30pm. There was a saving grace and that was my daughters. We were hanging at the rink, watching Sarah’s ringette practice. Beth even got to record her first full length video with the video star app on my iphone.

DAY 363Saturday, November 16

Between me and the girls, our weekends are always crazy busy, even if they are at their father’s house. That morning I wrote and tried to organize my life (this is a constant work in progress) and made myself some sweet n’ saucy chicken before heading out to take Sarah to gymnastics and then sell tickets with her at Sobey’s on behalf of Alison’s ringette team. Alison’s team had a practice and then a game that afternoon (neither of which were scheduled when the fundraising was planned which is why Sarah and other siblings were called upon to help out). After we finished selling tickets Sarah and I ordered some Wendy’s for supper and I am proud to say that that was my first time eating out all week. I had a meal plan laid out for this week and I followed it. The ticket selling came about very last minute so I was not prepared mealwise. After a very successful funsraising effort, Sarah made her first full length video using the video star app before she and I headed to the rink to watch Alison’s ringette team play. They won their game 8-6. Beth was at a friend’s birthday sleepover for the night. After Alison’s game, I headed to my mom and dad’s house where my brother, sister-in-law and neice and nephew were coming in to town to watch the Parade of Lights in Halifax. I got to see my neice and nephew off to bed and spend time with my mom, brother and sister-in-law. Saturday was a good day.

DAY 362 – Sunday, November 17

At my age, staying up until 2 in the morning makes me feel like I drank a 6 pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade. I was having so much fun chatting with my mother, brother and sister-in-law that I stayed up until 2am. I only went to bed because I fell asleep sitting up in a hard, wooden chair while watching a documentary on 9/11. I was awoken at 10:43am Sunday morning (rare that I get to sleep that late ever by the way so I was enjoying it) by my mother who wanted to know if I wanted to go shopping with her and my sister-in-law. The main mission of the trip was to pick me out some new clothes. I DESPISE shopping for clothes for myself. My sister-in-law LOVES shopping and is very, very good at it. She knows all the latest fashions but she is also very sensible in price and knows where to get the best sales and best quality for your money. My mom loves shopping and is also great at putting outfits together. I really could care less about fashion and “outfits” and really the only reason I wear clothes at all is because I am pretty sure walking around naked would get me all kinds of unwanted and ego-deflating attention, not to mention the fact that it is illegal. Sadly the shopping trip was unsuccessful clothes-wise (although I did buy a couple of Christmas presents for people on my list) but very successful in tiring the three of us out. I am not sure exactly what I was thinking when I agreed to go with them. I had an awful headache before I went out and I had a hockey game to play at 7pm. And there is NOTHING in the world that tires me out more than shopping. It doesn’t matter how long I shop for, it always results in complete physical and emotional exhaustion. Shopping with people who love it and know what they are doing usually lessens the emotional exhaustion but not yesterday. We encountered a sales lady who could use some sensitivity training at the very first store we entered. My sister-in-law, who I would kill if I sat on her, was looking through a rack of clothes. The sales lady took one look at her and informed her that “those are all plus sizes”, to which I replied, “She’s looking for me,” to which she replied, “Oh.” And that was that. She did not offer us any customer service. Here is an interpretation of the conversation based on the body language and tone used as well. You really had to be there.

Sales lady:  ”Hey skinny girl, those clothes would swim on you. You are looking in the wrong place.”

Customer (Me): “She’s looking for me.”

Sales lady: “Oh, they’re for you, Blubber, then yeah she’s looking in the right place. Carry on.”

Needless to say we did not purchase any clothes there.

We went to several other stores but most of the clothes on display were holiday-celebration oriented and much too fancy for the look I was going for. The whole shopping experience also got me to thinking that I need to write a feature on Musings of a Mom entitled Sweatpants and Granny Panties. It would explore a whole new way of looking at fashion!

After shopping I got to spend some more time with my brother, sister-in-law, neice, nephew, mother and father before heading out to my hockey game. I was completely exhausted in every way and could feel it on the ice. Good thing we had three lines of forwards (our first three games we played short players – one game we had only 5 forwards and 3 defence). We ended up tying the first-placed team 2-2. I have two games next weekend and absolutely no shopping planned! One of the games is a rematch with the first-placed team. This time we plan on winning. Did I mention we started the game last night short of players and we were losing 2-0 but came back to tie it?

Check back for more The Year of 39 posts and maybe some Sweatpants and Granny Panties.


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