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Snow in Kansas, Spring in Nova Scotia

Snow in Kansas, Spring in Nova Scotia

When people think of Canada they think of snow, cold and hockey. When people think of Kansas they think of wheat fields, sunflowers, The Wizard of Oz and dry land. Well think again! This has been a crazy year for Kansas weather wise! Might I remind you of this past winter when Heidi’s children had more snow days than mine did? You can read Who Lives in the Great White North if you have forgotten.

Most of spring was not much to talk about. The rain certainly was plentiful this past June in Cole Harbour but come July the sun appeared and our summer was full of hot, sunny days spent swimming and playing soccer. Our June weather was in stark contrast to the weather in Wichita, Kansas where from June 1 to July 13, only 0.18 of an inch of rain fell. The end of July was a much different story for Kansas. By that time, July of 2013 had become the fourth wettest July on record. Wichita even set a record low high temperature of 66 farenheit on July 28. The rain did not stop in August either. It seemed that Heidi was telling me every single day that it was raining. By August 9th, the pond beside her house was overflowing onto the lawn and the road.

And now fall is here and Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia is celebrating unseasonably high temperatures. It feels more like spring most days. Not so much in Kansas today. October 18, 2013 and it is snowing in Kansas!

Taken from kake.com - Snow forecast for Kansas October 18, 2013

Taken from kake.com – Snow forecast for Kansas October 18, 2013

Snow is not forecast for Wichita today but it is in towns not far away. Luckily for Heidi she is on her way to the Great White North right now and will avoid her just above freezing temperatures for at least the weekend. Who’d have thought she would have to come to Cole Harbour to do that?

Who lives in the Great White North?

Who lives in the Great White North?


I’m sorry…who lives in the Great White North? Wichita, Kansas is shut down for the third day in less than a week because of…



Wheat field in Derby, Kansas February 25, 2013


Yard in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia February 25, 2013

I told you it snows in Kansas. And when it snows it pours I guess. My children have had two snow days this year and so far Heidi’s children have had three! Who would have thought the Kansans would beat out the Nova Scotians in that category!

Wichita received about 14 inches of snow on February 20 and 21 and was just dumped on with another 7-10 inches (17.7 – 25.4cm) yesterday and today – this time in blizzard conditions. After being hit in the face with yesterday’s falling snow, Heidi described it as “sloshy”. This will be the first official entry in the Heidictionary.


Sloshy snow falling in Derby, Kansas February 25, 2013

That’s not to say that we here in Cole Harbour have not gotten our fair share of snow this winter. On February 9 and 10th we got blasted with 45 cm (17.7 inches) of it. My brother, who flew in from Korea with his wife to surprise my mom for her 60th birthday party, got stuck in Chicago for 3 days and never made it to Cole Harbour until February 11. As a double whammy to me, this snow fell on the weekend. Had it been during the week I would have had at least one snow day off of work! Instead I spent my time off shoveling and shoveling and shoveling.


After shoveling on February 9, 2013 I measured the snow bank at approximately 7 Pepsi Max cans high

Despite the horrible driving conditions and the endless hours of shoveling, snow is not all bad – our children love it!





Weekly Weather Outlook – February 5 – February 11, 2013

Weekly Weather Outlook – February 5 – February 11, 2013

Yesterday was a snow day for my children. We had two weather systems come through on Sunday, February 3 into Monday, February 4. The first one dumped 20 – 25 cm (8-10 inches) of snow on us Sunday morning into the afternoon. A lot of the main roads were clear enough for driving by that evening - far from perfect, but clear enough. That is when the second system hit us. Sunday evening and overnight it was mostly rain but sometime in the early morning (like 5 or 6am) the temperature dropped, freezing everything that was wet. The exterior of my van had a nice sheet of ice all over it, freezing the sliding doors shut. And then came more snow/freezing rain – about 6 centimetres of it (2 inches). So that is why school was cancelled and my children enjoyed a long weekend. Unfortunately it was not enough to delay the opening of my workplace so I reported to work on time.

As I was walking to my van after work, I was talking to Heidi on the phone and she said she was going to pick her daughter up so they could go for a drive together. It was a beautiful, sunny day. One of those days where it is a little nippy when you are walking outside but when the sun shines on you inside the car, you are instantly warmed up enough to wear just a t-shirt. That is what Heidi and her daughter did yesterday.

Let’s see what is in store for me here in Cole Harbour and Heidi in Wichita this week weather wise.

Weekly Weather February 5 - 11, 2013 chart

As you can see, Wichita is getting temperatures we in Cole Harbour usually experience in spring, while we here in Cole Harbour are experiencing typical winter temperatures.

Halifax forecast February 5 - 11, 2013

Halifax forecast February 5 – 11, 2013 as per Environment Canada

Wichita forecast February 5 - 11, 2013

Wichita forecast February 5 – 11, 2013 as per Kake.com

Weekly Weather Outlook – January 30, 2013 – February 5, 2013

Weekly Weather Outlook – January 30, 2013 – February 5, 2013

I cannot believe January is almost over! With only 28 days in February I guess it will be March before we know it!

Heidi said it snowed in Wichita Tuesday night. I asked her to take a picture to share but none accumulated on the ground. It does snow in Kansas though :) That was quite a change from the weather on Sunday when Heidi was wearing shorts and a t-shirt!

The weather here in Cole Harbour has warmed up considerably – I have not seen sea smoke since the last post. Apparently today we have set a temperature record. Back on January 31, 1974 it was 8.3 Celsius (46.94 Farenheit). Today it is supposed to be 11 Celsius (51.8 Farenheit)!

Heidi suggested we change up the format of the weekly weather by providing an easy comparison table, along with one weather graphic for Cole Harbour in Celsius and one for Wichita in Farenheit.

Weekly Weather January 30 - February 5, 2013

Halifax forecast January 30 - February 5, 2013


Wichita forecast January 30 - February 5, 2013

Where there is sea smoke there is…Jack Frost nipping at every exposed body part!

Where there is sea smoke there is…Jack Frost nipping at every exposed body part!

It is cold this morning! So cold that while taking this post’s picture, my fingers froze in the short time it took me to swipe my phone’s screen a couple of times and click the picture. Note to self: buy the new gloves that allow you to swipe a touch screen while wearing them. There is a cold front currently sweeping over the eastern United States and Canada and it is not going unnoticed! This morning was actually warmer than yesterday. Yesterday we enjoyed a wind chill of -30 celsius (-22 farenheit) and today one of -29 celsius (-20.2 farenheit). Word on the street is that this increase in temperature is as predicted – next week is supposed to be warmer with temperatures hovering around the freezing mark.

But that is then, this is now. I tell you, there is nothing quite like walking beside a body of water with wind chills of -29/-30 celsius. As I walked by the Halifax Harbour this morning, I could feel the water in my eyeballs beginning to freeze . And through my thin layer of eyeball ice, I could see something you don’t see everyday (thank goodness) – sea smoke. Rest assured, there was sea smoke on the Harbour yesterday morning too, but the difference is that today I stopped to take this picture for you:

Sea Smoke on the Halifax Harbour January 25, 2013

Sea Smoke on the Halifax Harbour January 25, 2013

According to Wikipedia: “Sea smoke, or arctic steam fog, is a cloud over the sea, which could otherwise be called fog, and is usually formed when very cold air moves over warmer water.

Key word in that definition is the word very as in very cold air, not just cold air. The fact that the air that is currently blowing on me and my daughters is colder than a body of water that is cold to swim in on a scorching summer’s day, says a lot! So as I cover every piece of skin that I can just to walk from my car to the entrance of my children’s school, I think of the temperature that Heidi is enjoying today - almost 12 celsius (53 farenheit) – and know that is not far off for me. Come spring, that will be the norm.

I enjoy living in a place that has four very distinct seasons. There are positives and negatives to each and every one of them. One negative to the winter is obviously the bone chilling cold. Several positives are hockey season, ringette season, skating, sledding, snow figures, white Christmases and the fact there are NO bugs!

So for now I will enjoy the fact that I can barbecue a steak without swatting mosquitoes that are trying to find a nice juicy spot on me in which to sink their proboscis – I will just enjoy that fact with my sandals replaced with warm winter boots, and my ball cap replaced by a toque.