Some Months Never Seem To End – PMDD

Some Months Never Seem To End – PMDD

I don’t know if this happens to any of you reading this who suffer from PMDD but some months do your cycles seem to be completely out of whack and your period just never seems to come? Does it seem that you are experiencing your regular symptoms and anticipating relief with the arrival of your period and then just when you think the month should be over, your period still does not come? Heidi and I have not noted the frequency of this occurence for her but I would say these months happen about every third month or so. And this month is one of them! And that makes this month very difficult to gauge for both of us.

Back on December 2 and 3rd when I wrote about Heidi warning me “Don’t be a trigger” and then me actually ending up being the trigger, that is usually it for her symptoms. Within a day or two, the end would be here. But this is one of those months. It just never ends. The only good news is that the effects of me “triggering” her only lasted about a day as they normally would, but usually end due to the arrival of her period. I don’t know if there is was a specific trigger that helped her bounce back or if it was due to another shift in her hormones. Whatever the case, she is not experiencing the extreme irritability she normally does during the end of her cycle but has been experiencing extreme fatigue, body aches and just basically feeling like poo. She felt so bad yesterday that she had a hard time differentiating her symptoms from a typical cold or flu-type feeling. But she does not have a cold or the flu, it is just one of those months. She has experienced her typical symptoms at her typical times but she has also experienced some new symptoms at unexpected times for both of us. In fact, a lot of the time since the “trigger” incident, she will seem exactly as she does when she is not expericing her PMDD induced symptoms. This is very rare during the time preceding her period. We are not complaining. It is definitely a welcome relief from her symptoms. Sadly, just as quickly as she returns to “normal”, the hormones have taken over, causing her to start her struggle against them again. She just wants this month to be over so she can enjoy being “herself” for the next 2 weeks or so.

In the meantime, all we can do is continue to communicate and feed off of one another’s energy. So far that seems to be working for us very well.

I will next be posting what a typical month is like for Heidi from my perspective. Please come back and read it. Maybe some of you partners can relate. Maybe the women out there suffering from PMDD have similar months to Heidi and will be able to relate. Please feel free to leave comments and get a “discussion” going. Together we can all help those involved in our lives gain a better understaning of what it feels like to live with PMDD – as the person who is experiencing the symptoms first-hand and as the partner, or another loved one who is affected by it.


PMDD Will this month ever end?

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