Help stop sexism in media during the Super Bowl by joining the #NotBuyingIt movement on Twitter!

Help stop sexism in media during the Super Bowl by joining the #NotBuyingIt movement on Twitter!

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Tonight, Sunday, February 3, 2013, it is the Baltimore Ravens versus the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl. According to Miss Representation, the Super Bowl is the most watched television event in the Us and 50% of Super Bowl viewers are women or girls. Visit to join the #NotBuyingIt movement to call out media during the Super Bowl that misrepresents or degrades women and girls! Use hashtag #NotBuyingIt on Twitter to call out the commercials in real time! What you will be looking for is “commercials that sexually objectify women and/or present limiting or harmful representations of gender“.

What is sexual objectification?

As per, sexual objectification is when a person is treated not as an individual but as an instrument of sexual pleasure. Usually the person’s personality, feelings and intelligence is ignored and their worth is reduced to something that will bring the viewer pleasure.”

What are limited or harmful representations of gender?

As per, these include gender stereotyping, dismissing the opinions/voices of women , or marginalizing a woman (depicting her as a subservant to men, weaker, less important, less valuable). These types of ads typically feature limiting portrayals of men as well, conveying the sense that they are sex-crazed brutes, unfeeling or unintelligent beings incapable of understanding women.

See the Miss Representation #NotBuyingIt You Tube video and share it with your friends. And download the official #NotBuyingIt Super Bowl Tool Kit to find out exactly what to look for and how to participate in the #NotBuyingIt movement to stop sexism in the Super Bowl ads. This tool kit provides specific examples of sexual objectification and limiting/harmful representations of gender in advertising, as well Twitter handles for all of the Super Bowl advertisers.

So join the movement now and tweet #NotBuyingIt everytime you see a sexist commerical during the SuperBowl in real time! reports that “last year our #NotBuyingIt Super Bowl activities caught national attention and briefly became a trending topic on Twitter.” This year “We’re hoping to engage over a million people with the hashtag #NotBuyingIt – challenging the advertising industry to give us better representations of women and men.”

Note: I will be participating although I realize that the commercials shown here in Canada are often different than those shown in the US.

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