Have You Hugged Heidi Yet?

Have You Hugged Heidi Yet?

You are one of the lucky ones if you have been hugged by Heidi. Unfortunately Heidi can’t be everywhere to give you a real hug but don’t despair, you can hug her virtually! Simply tweet the word HUG to @HeidiKansas #Hugs4Heidi.

The idea behind Hugs4Heidi is that Heidi lives so far from me that she does not get to give me all the hugs she wants to so she decided to share with you! Heidi has lots of love to give and she is going to be surprising people wherever she goes with hugs. The more hugs she gets, the better the chances that Ellen DeGeneres might hear about her. And if Ellen hears about her, she will hear about me which means she will hear about us and we are hoping she can make our dreams come true! Please spread the word about Hugs4Heidi and get your friends and relatives who can’t hug Heidi for real to give Heidi a virtual hug. Thanks for helping make our dreams come true one hug at a time!

To see how else we are trying to get Ellen’s attention please click on the pretty purple button on the right that says Launch Me Ellen. This will explain our dreams and it even has lyrics to a new theme song that could be a reality series of our life! At the bottom of this post you will see links to “Related Posts”. These posts are all part of Launch Me Ellen, which is our attempt to get Ellen’s attention.

Thanks again for your hugs and for visiting Musings of a Mom!

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