George was a girl

George was a girl

George is not the first pet whose gender we got wrong. We will never forget Jill, my daughters’ first hamster, who hit puberty, grew a set, and then died the next day. We have always wondered if she was just as shocked as we were to discover that she was really a he.

Jillian the hamster, Jill’s mother, currently lives with us along with our three rats (all girls for sure) – Sir Runs A Lot (sounds better than Miss Runs A Lot), In and Out and Scaredy Rat, our Siamese Fighting Fish, Tulip and our sea monkey, Howard.

Howard used to have many brothers and sisters, most notably the first two that grew big enough so that we could see them without looking through the built in magnifying glasses of their “house”. Beth, my middle daughter, named them George and Philamina. We were sure George was a boy as he had a very defined sac in his lower region which we identified as a scrotum. Philamina had nothing visible in that area so we were sure she was a girl.

After a recent visit to the Discovery Centre in Halifax, my daughters became very well sea monkey educated and today Beth proclaimed, “George was a girl. The scrotum was really her egg sac. That means Philamina was a boy.”

Well at least we got one thing right…George definitely had a sac.

In order of appearance in the pictures: Sir Runs A Lot, Scaredy Rat, In and Out, Jillian, Howard, and Tulip







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