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I Cooked!

Those that know me well know that I like cooking about as much as I love spending large amounts of time in the great outdoors (this sentence exudes sarcasm for those that don’t know me well). I am more of a rink girl and much more of a convenient food girl too. My love affair with cheeseburgers goes back to …Continue reading →

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Easiest Grilled Cheese Sandwich Ever

Grilled cheese sandwiches are yummy and fairly easy to make in the grand scheme of things but this is the absolute easiest grilled cheese sandwich you will ever make in your life! Simply toast two pieces of bread. As soon as they are out of the toaster, insert a slice of your favourite cheese between them and you are ready to eat! …Continue reading →

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The Best Ever Potato Casserole

It will cost you too many points but this is the yummiest potato casserole you will ever eat! Ingredients: 2 lbs frozen hash brown potatoes 1/2 cup melted butter 1 tsp salt 1/4 tsp pepper 1/4 to 1/2 cup grated onions (equivalent to about 2 slices of an onion) 1 can cream of chicken soup 2 cups sour cream 2 cups …Continue reading →

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Easiest Chicken Recipe Ever!

I love eating. I dislike cooking. My current income does not allow me to hire the personal chef I desire, nor does it allow me to dine out every single day for every single meal. This leaves me no choice but to cook. Last night I made myself some Sweet N’ Saucy Chicken and besides frozen chicken nuggets, this is …Continue reading →

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