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Our 2013 Goals

Momma deer is pulling out all the stops

As I drove to work this morning, Friday, August 2, 2013, I pulled up to the stop sign to make my last left turn before I reached the parking lot of my office. There, in the middle of the road, blocking my way to work, was momma deer and not just one of her babies but BOTH of her babies. …Continue reading →

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Heads Hung Again

Today, Tuesday, July 30, is much less dreary – weatherly speaking. Momma deer and her baby showed up at lunch to check on me and hung their heads in sadness again (see photo below) as they saw me head into work for another day. Someday soon momma and baby, I will just be here for a visit and some inspiration for …Continue reading →

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Yes, I Still Have My Day Job

On this dreary Monday morning, July 29, 2013, as I reached for the cold steel handle of the heavy door I must open to enter my “day job” building, I was greeted by some regular visitors – the momma deer and her baby who was born this spring. I believe their visits are two-fold: to enjoy the abundant leafy greens …Continue reading →

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I Cooked!

Those that know me well know that I like cooking about as much as I love spending large amounts of time in the great outdoors (this sentence exudes sarcasm for those that don’t know me well). I am more of a rink girl and much more of a convenient food girl too. My love affair with cheeseburgers goes back to …Continue reading →

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Have You Hugged Heidi Yet?

You are one of the lucky ones if you have been hugged by Heidi. Unfortunately Heidi can’t be everywhere to give you a real hug but don’t despair, you can hug her virtually! Simply tweet the word HUG to @HeidiKansas #Hugs4Heidi. The idea behind Hugs4Heidi is that Heidi lives so far from me that she does not get to give me …Continue reading →

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A Brand New Year!

On December 31, 2012 I declared to my fiancee that 2013 was to be our year! She and I were both going to accomplish (or at least develop a well laid out plan in order to accomplish) all of our desired goals but…we broke up instead. Ironically one of our goals was to see each other once a month. What a difference a day makes. …Continue reading →

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