April 7 – Tell your partner about something that scared you silly

April 7 – Tell your partner about something that scared you silly


Have you ever been so scared you could not speak? Were frozen in terror? Could feel your heart pounding out of your chest? Today’s task is to tell you partner ALL about that time. Tell them about a time you were scared absolutely silly. Tell them who, what, where, when, why. Be as descriptive about the situation and your feelings (yes, your feelings) as possible. It may make you feel vulnerable but vulnerability has to occur in order to “let someone in”. The more you “let your partner in” the closer you will become.

NOTE: Saying one time there was a snake in the tent when I was camping and I was so scared I thought I was going to die. Not good enough!

Try to share your scary moment in person (video chat for long distance couples) so they can see your body language too. Here is something useful to know about communication since it is such an important part of a relationship. 55% of the message you convey is based on your body language. 38% is based on the way you say your words. Only 7% is based on the words that actually leave your mouth. So next time you roll your eyes while your partner is talking and s/he accuses you of being rude, don’t reply with the classic, “What? I didn’t say anything.” You have actually spoken volumes.


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