April 6 – Watch a movie together

April 6 – Watch a movie together


It’s Saturday! Time to sit back, relax and watch a movie with your partner. Go to the theatre, stay at home and watch an old favourite from your collection, or take your pick on Netflix. Hold hands or cuddle up!

Long distance couples, it is possible to watch a movie together. Heidi and I do it all the time. We don’t get to hold hands or cuddle but we get to watch the same movie through video chat. Skype is our video chatting program of choice. We used to be able to “share screen” which enabled one of us to play the movie for the other one but since “share screen” is no longer free so we had to come up with another way. We both have to play the movie simultaneously which means we both have to have access to the same movie. Thank goodness for Netflix! We start the movie at the exact same time and voila, we have a movie date.

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