April 4 – Cuddle/Send a virtual flower

April 4 – Cuddle/Send a virtual flower

AprilShowerslogopinterest For you lucky couples who get to see each other every day, your romantic “task” of the day is to cuddle. More specifically – cuddle together while you fall asleep tonight. If that is not possible, cuddle when you can – on the couch while watching tv or simply while you are talking. According to Jacqueline Samuels, who works as a professional cuddler, cuddling, “when done with someone you trust is unlike any other feeling, and grants health and emotional benefits unique to its act. It’s more than a hug, but less than a kiss. Pretty much all of the chemicals that make us feel happy, connected, relaxed, are being elevated and the stress ones are being decreased.”

Unfortunately, those of us in long distance relationships do not get to cuddle when we would like. Fortunately technology has allowed us to stay connected every minute of every day, so today we are going to use that to our advantage. We are going to send our partner a virtual flower. You can take a picture or find one online. The catch is that when you send it to your partner you must explain why you chose that particular flower. Is it his or her favourite flower? Favourite colour? Beautiful like him or her? Remind you of a place you have been together? If you didn’t already know, each flower has a specific meaning, a “language of flowers”. For instance a red poppy means “pleasure” and a red rose means “true love”. For more flower meanings, check out this Wikipedia article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Language_of_flowers.

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