April 26 – Buy and share a treat together

April 26 – Buy and share a treat together


On April 5 your task was to buy your partner a meaningful treat. Today the two of you need to purchase and enjoy a treat together.  The challenge here is that you have to come to a mutual agreement on what treat you are going to buy. Long distance couples, you are going to have to go to the store separately but still must make the decision on what to purchase together. You have twice the challenge since you have to decide on something you both will enjoy AND it has to be available where you both live. This is harder than it seems. Heidi and I discovered that what they call Smarties in the United States are what we call Rockets in Canada. The United States does not have our Smarties (which are chocolate candies covered in colourful candy shells – sort of like M & Ms). We have M & Ms in Canada too. Whatever you decide, make sure to enjoy it together on video chat.


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