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April 1st – Be a “Fool” in Love!


Remember the days when you would scribble your partner’s name all over your school binders? Remember obsessively writing your initials + his/hers encircled by a heart on any writing surface available? You were smitten and you wanted the world to know! Remember how good it felt? Bring back those feelings and be free! Be a fool in love! Both local and long distance couples can do this!

Write your partner’s name in the mud, sand, or snow or spell it out using whatever objects you can find (sticks, stones, sidewalk chalk, etc). Show it to them. Take a picture to show them if that is not possible.

My partner, Heidi, wrote my name with blue food colouring in the snow. I wrote her name with blue sidewalk chalk in my driveway.

Heidi wrote my name in the snow n blue food colouring

Heidi wrote my name in the snow in blue food colouring

I wrote Heidi'd name using blue sidewalk chalk in my driveway

I wrote Heidi’s name using blue sidewalk chalk in my driveway

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I am a Canadian in love with an American and the proud mother of three daughters. I hope to be able to achieve my goal of making a career from writing at home before the end of 2013. I better get to work!

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