April 12 – Share a meal together

April 12 – Share a meal together


Tonight you and your partner should share a meal together. It will be best if the two of you can share the meal every step of the way – ¬†preparation, consumption and clean-up. If you would rather not cook, then go to a restaurant or order-in. Add some candlelight if you are so inclined. Try not to eat in front of the television together. Try to talk and focus on each other. Enjoy each other’s company and enjoy your meal!

Long distance couples: You can still do everything that local couples do in this task, minus the physical contact ;) If  possible, set up video chat in the kitchen and prepare the same meal, in your respective locations. Eat together on video chat. You can even add candlelight :) Clean up while still on video chat. It will make the clean up more enjoyable having your partner to talk to. If neither of you feel like cooking, try to order the same meal from restaurants in your respective locations.



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