April 10 – Write and hide a love note/Send a “love note” card

April 10 – Write and hide a love note/Send a “love note” card


This is a “task” that can continue for as long as you choose. For local couples: Fold a piece of paper or cardstock in half. Once folded it should be about the size of a wedding seating name tag. Each of you pick a side and write “I love you” on your side. Decide who will hide it first and then hide it in a place your partner will find it such as under his/her pillow, in the cereal cupboard, hanging over the bathroom mirror, etc. Make sure to hide it so that the side with your handwriting is facing out. When your partner finds it s/he then takes it and hides it where you will find it. Continue this as long as both of you are enjoying it. When it becomes more of a chore, it is probably time to give it a rest. That doesn’t mean you can’t start it up again sometime in the future!

For long distance couples: Each of you buy or make a card for your partner. Inside the card write a short “love message” and write the date beside that message. Then mail the card to your partner. When you receive your card in the mail, write a short “love message” to your partner underneath his/her message to you and date it. Then mail the card to your partner. Continue this until the card is filled with your love messages back and forth. Once it is full, keep the card your partner originally sent to you.


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