A Brand New Year!

A Brand New Year!

On December 31, 2012 I declared to my fiancee that 2013 was to be our year! She and I were both going to accomplish (or at least develop a well laid out plan in order to accomplish) all of our desired goals but…we broke up instead.

Ironically one of our goals was to see each other once a month.

What a difference a day makes. We are now back together :) So we have only lost one day of OUR year. Minor setback.

Heidi and Terynn

Heidi (on the left) and me

I bet most of you are still trying to figure out why a goal of ours would be to see each other once a month, especially considering that we are engaged. The short version of our story is that we were both married and are both divorced from the father of our children (both of us have three children). The catch is that she lives in Kansas, USA and I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. That is a distance of 3700 kilometres/2300 miles apart! Airfare is not cheap and neither one of us is rich. We will be lucky to see each other even three times this year if we do not change our financial situation.

Nova Scotia to Kansas

Nova Scotia to Kansas

Until then we have telephone calls, unlimited texting, Facebook and Skype to motivate each other to get rich and accomplish the rest of our goals for 2013. My ultimate goal is to be able to work from home. My ideal at home career is writing! Working from home will not only allow me to travel to Kansas and to actually be at home with Heidi when she comes here to visit, it will allow me to be at home with my children! They will no longer need to go to child care while I reluctantly report to work in the office. I will be able to be care for them when they are sick. I will be able to attend school functions held during school hours, chaperone on field trips and not worry about how I will get them to their 4:30pm ringette practices on time. I was a stay-at-home mom before the divorce and while I no longer have that option, I do have the option to change my reality from working in an office to working from home. Here’s to 2013 and working from home!



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