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July, 2013

Heads Hung Again

Today, Tuesday, July 30, is much less dreary – weatherly speaking. Momma deer and her baby showed up at lunch to check on me and hung their heads in sadness again (see photo below)¬†as they saw me head into work for another day. Someday soon momma and baby, I will just be here for a visit and some inspiration for …Continue reading →

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Yes, I Still Have My Day Job

On this dreary Monday morning, July 29, 2013, as I reached for the cold steel handle of the heavy door I must open to enter my “day job” building, I was greeted by some regular visitors – the momma deer and her baby who was born this spring. I believe their visits are two-fold: to enjoy the abundant leafy greens …Continue reading →

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Happy birthday Sarah!

7 years ago today, my little Sarah was born. The youngest of three girls, Sarah is a sparkplug! She brings energy to any situation! Very intuitive, caring and a little go getter, Sarah has made this world a better place! Happy birthday Sarah! Related posts: Launch Me Ellen Horse Jump! Flu Shot Non-Fiasco 2013 Happy Birthday Heidi! Related posts brought …Continue reading →

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I Cooked!

Those that know me well know that I like cooking about as much as I love spending large amounts of time in the great outdoors (this sentence exudes sarcasm for those that don’t know me well). I am more of a rink girl and much more of a convenient food girl too. My love affair with cheeseburgers goes back to …Continue reading →

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Who in Their Right Mind Would Apply for This Job?

The job description of a mom has been circulating in the internet for years. In fact I think I remember reading it before I even had children which was over ten years ago! For those who have never read it, please see below. I have taken the liberty of¬†changing it to a job description for both moms and dads. POSITION …Continue reading →

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