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May, 2013

Have You Hugged Heidi Yet?

You are one of the lucky ones if you have been hugged by Heidi. Unfortunately Heidi can’t be everywhere to give you a real hug but don’t despair, you can hug her virtually!┬áSimply tweet the word HUG to @HeidiKansas #Hugs4Heidi. The idea behind Hugs4Heidi is that Heidi lives so far from me that she does not get to give me …Continue reading →

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Why Did the Duck Cross the Road…

This is what my eldest daughter and I saw while driving past Sullivan’s Pond in Dartmouth today… They actually used the crosswalk! This last duck stopped to take a drink of freshly fallen rain water before stepping onto the sidewalk! Related posts: Flu Shot Non-Fiasco 2013 Weekly Weather Outlook – February 5 – February 11, 2013 Where there is sea …Continue reading →

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