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March, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers – A romantic “task” a day for 30 days to strengthen your relationship

April showers bring May flowers so pour on the romance and watch your love blossom! Check back here each day in April for your romantic “task” of the day to complete with your partner. These “tasks” are perfect for those couples madly in love, for those struggling to reconnect, and for all couples in between. We have included tasks for …Continue reading →

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Should We Force Children to Eat Everything on Their Plate?

Here are some very common lines parent use to “encourage” children to eat their food. “Clear your plate or you can’t have dessert.” “I made the food, all you have to do is eat it.” “There are people starving in this world now eat your supper!” “Go to your room if you are not going to eat your supper.” Child …Continue reading →

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Easiest Grilled Cheese Sandwich Ever

Grilled cheese sandwiches are yummy and fairly easy to make in the grand scheme of things but this is the absolute easiest grilled cheese sandwich you will ever make in your life! Simply toast two pieces of bread. As soon as they are out of the toaster, insert a slice of your favourite cheese¬†between them¬†and you are ready to eat! …Continue reading →

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